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This interactive teen driving website provides you with specific information from preparing to drive, through the learner’s permit stage, to solo driving.

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This computer-based driver tutorial will not only help your teen become a safer driver, but it can also save you some money.

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Teaching Your Teens to Drive

Available as a DVD and workbook combination, this program consists of 13 lessons to help develop your teen's safe driving skills.

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The DVD puts your teen into 100 live-action situations – the equivalent of several years of actual driving.

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Mature Driver Safety Course

The Mature Driver Safety course offers the convenience of taking an online course that is designed to make it easy to learn at your own pace.

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Roadwise Review

AAA offers first home-based tool to help seniors drive safely longer.

This one-stop online resource offers information, resources, and advice for mature drivers and their families.

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Child Safety

Child Passenger Seat Checks

Contact the AAA Traffic Safety Educator to schedule an appointment.


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Ticket Dismissal

Ticket Dismissal Course For All Drivers

In need of an online ticket dismissal course? The Online Defensive Driving course combines text, videos, and animations to create an online experience that's interesting and interactive. You'll learn traditional driving safety information, but also Arizona-specific rules and regulations like state speed limits and DUI, conveniently at home on your schedule.


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AAA Resources

» AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Saving lives through research and education.

» Digest of Motor Laws
The AAA Digest of Motor Laws is an online compendium of laws and rules related to driving and owning a motor vehicle in the United States and Canada.





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How to Go on Ice and Snow


Information on vehicle systems, driver preparation, winter driving techniques and additional hints and precautions helpful to drivers of front-, rear- and all-wheel drive vehicles.


Play Your PART be Tire Smart


Learn about tire pressure, alignment, rotation, tread and how to take care of tires properly and safely.


Your Driving Costs (2015)


How much are you really paying to drive?





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Gas Watcher's Guide


Tips for conserving fuel, saving money and protecting the environment.






AAA School Safety Patrol

More information with step-by-step guidance on starting and maintaining a AAA’s School Safety Patrol program in your school can be found here.




Driver's Education            



Choosing a Driving School
Stay informed with this printable guide for parents of new teen drivers. AAA StartSmart 
Newsletters and webisodes help you and your teen identify and work through a wide range of driving risks and challenges.




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