Big Sky Gas

Big Sky Gas

Save 10%

AAA members save 10% off their monthly bill. New and existing members must call (406) 443-4412 for discount.

Big Sky Gas is a local Helena-based company, the first of its kind in Montana, offering people an alternative to Northwestern Energy for their natural gas supplier. Montana is now a deregulation state – breaking the monopoly in the natural gas industry.  You now have an alternative, locally owned and operated choice. Feel good saving money.  

Energy choice allows consumers, from large commercial businesses to small businesses and households, the ability to choose alternative rates on their natural gas supply. You can now choose the plan that is right for YOU. And it’s easy! You will still receive the same quality natural gas and energy that you’ve always had. On top of the great customer service, the only thing that will change is your supplier. No long-term contracts or switching fees!

Environmentally Friendly

Big Sky Gas uses natural gas, one of the cleanest, safest and more efficient of all fossil fuels. It produces lower levels of gas emissions compared to the heavier hydrocarbon fuels, such as coal and oil. Natural gas also causes little pollution to our Montana environment, which keeps your neighborhood breathing clean, fresh air; the way it should be.

Helena, MT

Must be valid AAA member. New and existing members must call (406) 443-4412.